Início 50 Years

50 Years

of excellence in training

The commemoration of the 50 years intends to mark CFPIMM’s historical path as a dynamic institution, whose mission is the human resources development from Wood and Furniture Industries, through the implementation of a high training quality activity, equipped with the best and the most recent technologies where past, present and future are combined in order to contribute significantly to the progress of the sector.

It’s from this past inspiration that renews the motivation for the future and CFPIMM will seek to continue being an excellence institution in training.

Artistic and Cultural Moment

At the ceremony, there was an artistic and cultural moment carried out by trainees (youth and adults) and also some trainers from CFPIMM who presented a performance about the drama of refugees whose aim was to provoke a reflection on the need for an urgent and concious action as active citizens and not indifferent to the world around us. As member from the Program of Associated Schools of UNESCO, CFPIMM seeks to continuously promote the Education for Active citizenship by undertaking projects that strengthen the effective participation of trainees in order to learn to live together (4º pillar of Education for the 21st century).



Inauguration of CFPIMM Museum

Idealized for some time, this space presents the CFPIMM history, since its origin until current day, projecting ways of the future development, where design meets technological innovation.

Structured in two floors, CFPIMM Museum presents its archives in differentiated supports (written documents, images, video, mockups, furniture pieces, among others), an example of the extensive work done on training over more than 50 years, developed at local and national level, as well as in international projects.

Aside from CFPIMM history, the Museum aims to highlight and value the wood as a raw material of excellence, due to its versatility and sustainability.