Início CFPIMM Ethics and Responsability

Ethics and Social Responsability

We are committed to act in an ethical and responsible manner

Everyday we gain the trust of those whose lives are touched by us: trainees trust in us to shape their future; parents entrust their children; companies place their trust in us to qualify their workers; suppliers trust in us as a fair partner; our community trust in us to train and educate citizens and to comply with the legislation and act as a local development agent. We took years to earn this trust and we achieved it for our own actions, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and quality of training.

The Social Responsability practices at CFPIMM aim to improve the quality of life and well-being of its trainees, workers, suppliers, partners and the community in general. A number of initiatives and practices were implemented, of which stand out:

  • Since 2001, CFPIMM is an activ member from Eco-Schools program;
  • Since 2006, CFPIMM is an UNESCO partner school, promoting the respect for human rights, democracy and tolerance;
  • In 2016 it was developed a training course in the area of woodwork in São Tomé e Principe, a social initiative entitle “Projeto Integrado de Desenvolvimento de Lembá”;
  • Training/ consultancy and other dissemination actions of knowledge and good practices (coferences, visits and seminars;
  • Residues segregation and adequate forwarding for recycling (paper, plastic and electrical and eletronic waste);
  • Existence of automatic lighting sensors;
  • In the purchase of eletronic equipment we give priority to equipments with a better energy performance.