Início Qualifica Centre

Qualifica Centre

CFPIMM promotes the professional qualifications

CFPIMM has a Qualifica Centre, whose activity is focused on the information, orientation and referral youth and adults who seek a school, professional or a double certification training towards integration into the labour market. It’s up to the CFPIMM’s Qualifica Centre supporting youths and adults on the identification of educational and training answers adjusted to their profile, taking into account the labour market needs. In the case of adults, to develop processes of Recognition, Validation and Certification of Skills (RVCC) in the professional or double certification aspect (educational or vocational training). CFPIMM’s Qualifica Centre aims yet to promote the professional qualifications of employees from Wood and Furniture Industries by providing, at national level, a professional certification in their respective professional lines.

Intervention Stages

  1. Reception – registration of candidate and information about mission and scope of intervention of Qualifica Centre.

  2. Diagnostic – analisys of candidate profile with the purpose of identifying educational and training responses that are better suited to each situation (motivation, needs and expectations).

  3. Information and Guidance – supporting on the identification of individual projects  of education and professional qualifications, providing information that allows to choose a pathway adjusted to each candidate profile.

  4. Referral – forwarding the candidate for an educational or vocational offer or even for a RVCC Qualification (Recognition, Validation and Certification of Competencies) which is only available for adults candidates, in case of candidates are aged between 18 and 23, they should have at least 3 years of work experience duly proven.

  5. Recognition and Validation of Competencies – in case of professional competencies, it’s targeted to workers from Wood and Furniture Industries (employed or unemployed); in case of school competencies, it’s targeted to the general population. It’s based on the identification and validation of competencies acquired by candidates throughout life, with view to obtaining a school/ professional certification.

  6. Competencies Certification – demonstration of competencies from adults, before a certification juri.

  • Equivalence to the 6th, 9th and 12th grades of school.

  • It’s aimed to professionals from Wood and Furniture Industries with experience in the following areas:

    • Carpenter – level 2
    • Joiner – level 2
    • Finishes Operator for Wood and Furniture – level 2
    • Technician for Secondary Processing Machines of Wood – level 2
    • Finishes Technician for Wood and Furniture – level 4