Início Training


CFPIMM looks to meet the needs of Wood and Furniture Industries throughout the country

  • CFPIMM provides initial training courses trough a dual system methology which alternates between theoretical and practical training periods, with an approximate duration of 3 years, allowing to obtain a school and professional certification with a level 4 of qualification, as well as an insertion into the labour market facilitated by a strong component of Practical Training in a Work Context. The youth can also contionue their studies in higher education.

  • CFPIMM regularly develops Vocational Training Courses for Adults which allow to increase the levels of school and professional qualification, by improving and facilitating their employability. When candidates are already holders of a school qualification, it’s only developed the technological component to achieve the double certification.

  • CFPIMM develops short-term training courses integrated in a specific professional outlets of Wood and Furniture Industries in order to facilitate the return to the labour market of unemployed workers.

  • The Certified Modular Training, integrated on the National Qualifications Catalog is a support for a diversified and flexible offer of further training for the professionals from Wood and Furniture Industries, seeking to fill specific gaps in their skills.

Further Training Plan

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